Amelia & Douglas’s Old Fort Edmonton Wedding | Alberta, Canada

It’s worth allowing Erin from Erin Walker Photography to introduce our next featured wedding in her own words: “amelia & douglas have to be the most fun people on the planet. i’m pretty sure i was either laughing or crying the entire day. amelia is so expressive, and she’s not afraid to say something random or crazy. i seriously love her for that. amelia & douglas’ friday wedding couldn’t have been a more beautiful day…the weather was absolutely gorgeous, friends and family were just radiating with excitement for the couple and all the festivities were out at fort edmonton park, a fantastic location for any event. we event rode a horse-drawn carriage up to the church for the ceremony. best. day. ever.”


Ceremony & Reception: Fort Edmonton Park

Favours: Jacek Chocolates

Flowers: Safeway Floral Department

Photography: Erin Walker Photography

A Forest Engagement: In the Moment Photography

Getting back into the swing of things a bit here at The North Bride, today we are featuring a few images from a quiet forest engagement portrait session courtesy of Edmonton photographer In the Moment Photography. We love the beauty and simplicity that nature provides a portrait session, and the wonderful pop that a bit of color has against a lush green background. Come and see some more over here.

Rural forest engagement portrait edmonton albertaRural forest engagement portrait edmonton albertaRural forest engagement portrait edmonton albertaRural forest engagement portrait edmonton albertaRural forest engagement portrait edmonton albertaRural forest engagement portrait edmonton albertaRural forest engagement portrait edmonton alberta

Rural forest engagement portrait edmonton albertaRural forest engagement portrait edmonton albertaRural forest engagement portrait edmonton alberta

Freebie: The Easy Wedding Budget Tool

Easy Wedding Budget Tool | Plan A Wedding BudgetPlanning a wedding is no small feat. While planning a wedding is fun (the flowers! the food! the music!) if you aren’t paying attention, the budget can get away from you. And a blown wedding budget is the last thing any newlywed couple needs. So we whipped up an easy to use wedding budget planner tool in Excel.

This handy wedding planner tool helps you identify and set a budget that allows you to keep an eye on expenses. The wedding budget planner also helps you create a best case, worst case and most likely cost scenario so that you can see where you might want to spend a bit extra and where you can cut back a bit to make sure that your budget comes in. It is easy to play with the tool and adjust expenses to see how you can get the wedding of your dreams without blowing your honeymoon fund.

There are detailed instructions in the planner and you can get a sneak peek of the planner with the screenshot below. All you need is Excel, and maybe some coffee and you’ll be able to build a wedding budget that you can stick too.

If you have any questions on the tool, drop by our Facebook page or send us an email. Enjoy!

{Click here to download the Easy Wedding Budget Tool}

How to Plan a Wedding Budget | Easy Wedding Budget Tool


4 Questions to ask Yourself before Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Questions to Ask a Wedding PhotographerBefore choosing a wedding photographer, you need to make sure you know what kind of photography you like and what you are looking for on your wedding day. Take a bit of time to figure out those items, and you will be able to find a photographer that is right for you.

Here are four questions you need to answer before you start your hunt for your wedding day photographer:

What kind of photography do I like?

Google wedding photography and take a look at the different sites and images that come up. Do you find yourself attracted to the more traditional images or do you prefer the candid images? Do you like black & white images or the bright, colorful images?

You’ll also want to think of your personal style. If your style is a bit more vintage, you might want to find a photographer who also has a vintage style. If you like modern style, look for someone with that same modern esthetic in their photography.

Take a few notes about what you like in your favorite images so you know what kind of photography style you like and would like for your wedding.

What are the most important parts of my wedding?

Deciding what is the most important part of your wedding day is the first step in deciding how much wedding day coverage you will need from your photographer. Also, prioritizing the most important parts of your day will help you make trade-offs, if required.  Are photos of the cake cutting a must have? Or would you prefer dancing photos? Did you want getting ready photos? Or just the ceremony and formals? Or do you want as much coverage of the day as you can get? Understanding what is important to you will help you communicate your expectations to your wedding photographer.

What kind of product do you want to receive?

Think about how you are going to display your photos after the wedding or what you would do if someone asked to see them.  How will you share your wedding photos with family or your future children? Did you want a large canvas to put above the couch, or an album to put on the coffee table? Will your parent’s want prints or albums? Did you want a CD of all the images? Jot down a list of photography products you would be interested in, so that you can ask photographers about those items when you meet with them.

What is my budget?

Hopefully you have worked out your entire wedding budget. Wedding photography can start under $1000 and go upwards of $10,000, with the average price of wedding photography being $2414[1].

You also need to understand what the budget needs to include. Does that price need to include the coverage? Or does your budget need to cover the time & products?

If you haven’t done a wedding budget, has some great wedding budget tools to get you started.

Once you have answered these four questions, you’ll have some direction on where to start with your look for the perfect wedding photographer.